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.svn (see administrative directory)
@ (see at syntax)
^ (see caret syntax)


administrative directory, Subversion Working Copies, Client Layer
ancestry, Noticing or Ignoring Ancestry
Apache HTTP Server (see httpd)
Apache Subversion, Subversion's History
(see also Subversion)
API, Embedding Subversion
batons, Functions and Batons
layers, Layered Library Design
Client Layer, Client Layer
Repository Access (RA) Layer, Overview, Repository Access Layer
Repository Layer, Repository Layer
memory pools, The Apache Portable Runtime Library
application programming interface (see API)
at syntax, Peg and Operative Revisions
credentials, Requests and Responses


backdating, Mixed revisions are useful
BASE, Revision Keywords
BDB (see Berkeley DB)
Berkeley DB, Choosing a Data Store, Berkeley DB
branches, Recommended Repository Layout, What's a Branch?
creating, Creating a Branch
feature branches, Feature Branches
vendor branches, Vendor Branches


caret syntax, Addressing the Repository, Externals Definitions
changelists, Changelists
creating, Creating and Modifying Changelists
reassigning, Creating and Modifying Changelists
removing, Creating and Modifying Changelists
changesets, Changesets
checking in (see committing)
checking out, Fundamental working copy interactions
reserved (see locking)
shallow (see sparse directories)
CollabNet, Subversion's History
COMMITTED, Revision Keywords
committing, Fundamental working copy interactions
Concurrent Versions System, Preface
conflicts, The copy-modify-merge solution
conflict markers, Postponing conflict resolution
resolution, Discarding your changes in favor of a newly fetched revision
resolving, Resolve Any Conflicts
reviewing, Viewing conflict differences interactively
tree (see tree conflicts)
foreign repository copies, Vendor Branches from Foreign Repositories
remote copies, Creating a Branch
CVS (see Concurrent Versions System)


delta, Review Your Changes
deltification, How Subversion saves disk space
ambient, Sparse Directories
empty, Sparse Directories
files, Sparse Directories
immediates, Sparse Directories
infinity, Sparse Directories
unified diff, Examine the details of your local modifications
dump files (see repository dump streams)
DVCS (see version control systems, distributed)


end-of-line (EOL) markers (see line endings)
externals (see externals definitions)
file, Externals Definitions
externals definitions, Externals Definitions


file changes, Make Your Changes
file patterns, Ignoring Unversioned Items
foreign repository copies (see copying, foreign repository copies)
foreign repository merges (see merging, foreign repository merges)
FSFS, Choosing a Data Store, FSFS
packing, FSFS
sharding, FSFS


globs (see file patterns)


HEAD, Revision Keywords
hook scripts, Implementing Repository Hooks
interactive, Resolving conflict differences interactively
manual, Manual conflict resolution
post-commit, post-commit
post-lock, post-lock
post-revprop-change, post-revprop-change
post-unlock, post-unlock
postponing, Postponing conflict resolution
pre-commit, pre-commit
pre-lock, pre-lock
pre-revprop-change, pre-revprop-change
pre-unlock, pre-unlock
start-commit, start-commit
hooks (see hook scripts)
httpd, Overview
write-through proxies
master, Write-through proxying
slave, Write-through proxying


inetd, svnserve via inetd
internationalization, Subversion's Use of Locales


keywords, Keyword Substitution
Author, Keyword Substitution
Date, Keyword Substitution
Header, Keyword Substitution
HeadURL, Keyword Substitution
Id, Keyword Substitution
LastChangedBy (see keywords, Author)
LastChangedDate (see keywords, Date)
LastChangedRevision (see keywords, Revision)
Rev (see keywords, Revision)
Revision, Keyword Substitution
URL (see keywords, HeadURL)


natural history (see mergeinfo, implicit)


SCM (see software configuration management)
shell wildcard patterns (see file patterns)
software configuration management, What Is Subversion?
sparse directories, Sparse Directories
Subversion, What Is Subversion?
architecture, Subversion's Architecture
components, Subversion's Components
history of, Subversion's History, What's New in Subversion
svmbolic link (see symlink)
svmlink, Make Your Changes
svn, Subversion's Components
options, Help!
add, Make Your Changes , svn add
blame, svn blame (praise, annotate, ann)
cat, svn cat
changelist, Creating and Modifying Changelists, svn changelist (cl)
checkout, Fundamental working copy interactions, Creating a Working Copy, svn checkout (co)
cleanup, svn cleanup
commit, Fundamental working copy interactions, svn commit (ci)
copy, Make Your Changes , Creating a Branch, svn copy (cp)
delete, Make Your Changes , svn delete (del, remove, rm)
diff, Examine the details of your local modifications, svn diff (di)
export, svn export
help, Help!, svn help (h, ?)
import, Importing Files and Directories, svn import
info, Discovering Locks, svn info
list, svn list (ls)
lock, Creating Locks, svn lock
log, svn log
merge, Keeping a Branch in Sync, svn merge
mergeinfo, svn mergeinfo
mkdir, Make Your Changes , svn mkdir
move, Make Your Changes , svn move (mv)
patch, Examine the details of your local modifications, svn patch
propdel, svn propdel (pdel, pd)
propedit, svn propedit (pedit, pe)
propget, svn propget (pget, pg)
proplist, svn proplist (plist, pl)
propset, svn propset (pset, ps)
relocate, svn relocate
resolve, svn resolve
resolved, svn resolved
revert, Fix Your Mistakes, svn revert
status, See an overview of your changes, Discovering Locks, svn status (stat, st)
switch, svn switch (sw)
unlock, Creating Locks, svn unlock
update, Fundamental working copy interactions, Update Your Working Copy, svn update (up)
upgrade, svn upgrade
svnadmin, Subversion's Components, svnadmin
crashtest, svnadmin crashtest
create, svnadmin create
deltify, svnadmin deltify
dump, Migrating Repository Data Elsewhere, svnadmin dump
freeze, svnadmin freeze
help, svnadmin help (h, ?)
hotcopy, svnadmin hotcopy
list-dblogs, svnadmin list-dblogs
list-unused-dblogs, svnadmin list-unused-dblogs
load, Migrating Repository Data Elsewhere, svnadmin load
lock, svnadmin lock
lslocks, svnadmin lslocks
lstxns, svnadmin lstxns
pack, svnadmin pack
recover, svnadmin recover
rmlocks, svnadmin rmlocks
rmtxns, svnadmin rmtxns
setlog, svnadmin setlog
setrevprop, svnadmin setrevprop
setuuid, svnadmin setuuid
unlock, svnadmin unlock
upgrade, svnadmin upgrade
verify, svnadmin verify
svndumpfilter, Subversion's Components
exclude, svndumpfilter exclude
help, svndumpfilter help
include, svndumpfilter include
svnlook, Subversion's Components, svnlook
author, svnlook author
cat, svnlook cat
changed, svnlook changed
date, svnlook date
diff, svnlook diff
dirs-changed, svnlook dirs-changed
filesize, svnlook filesize
help, svnlook help (h, ?)
history, svnlook history
info, svnlook info
lock, svnlook lock
log, svnlook log
propget, svnlook propget (pget, pg)
proplist, svnlook proplist (plist, pl)
tree, svnlook tree
uuid, svnlook uuid
youngest, svnlook youngest
svnmucc, Subversion's Components, svnmucc
svnrdump, Subversion's Components, Migrating Repository Data Elsewhere
dump, svnrdump dump
help, svnrdump help
load, svnrdump load
svnserve, Subversion's Components, Overview, svnserve, a Custom Server, svnserve
authentication, Built-in Authentication and Authorization
authorization, Built-in Authentication and Authorization
running, Invoking the Server
as Windows service, svnserve as a Windows service
daemon mode, svnserve as daemon
tunnel mode, svnserve over a tunnel
via inetd, svnserve via inetd
via launchd, svnserve as a launchd job
via xinetd, svnserve via xinetd
svnsync, Subversion's Components
copy-revprops, svnsync copy-revprops
help, svnsync help
info, svnsync info
initialize, svnsync initialize (init)
synchronize, svnsync synchronize (sync)
svnversion, Subversion's Components, svnversion


VCS (see version control systems)
vendor drop, Vendor Branches
version control
copy-modify-merge, The copy-modify-merge solution
lock-modify-unlock, The lock-modify-unlock solution
version control systems, What Is Subversion?, Version Control Basics
centralized, Is Subversion the Right Tool?
clients, The Repository
distributed, Is Subversion the Right Tool?


WebDAV, What Is WebDAV?
activities, The Subversion Repository, Defined
autoversioning, Autoversioning
client support, Client Interoperability
proxies (see httpd, write-through proxies)
working copies, The Working Copy, Subversion Working Copies
creating (see checking out)
disjoint, Externals Definitions
mixed-revision, Mixed-revision working copies
updating (see updating)