Making a Snapshot: CVS Tag...


Make a snapshot of a project at a given point in time for later retrieval.

  1. To create a tag, select the desired files and/or folders to tag and right-click on them. Note: A tag is normally applied to a folder, usually the top folder of the sandbox.

  2. Select CVS → Tag from the context-menu.

  3. Enter the desired tag name. Note that CVS places some constraints on the tag name; these constraints are shown at the bottom of the dialog. To see which tags are already used in this folder, click the Update list... button.

  4. By default, the Check that the files are unmodified checkbox is enabled. This prevents you from applying the tag if you have uncommitted changes. Under special circumstances, you might want to disable this.

  5. If the tag already exists, CVS will not move it unless you select Move existing tag.

  6. To remove a tag which you applied by mistake, or no longer want, select Delete existing tag.

  7. Finally, click OK.