Obtaining a Working Copy: CVS Checkout...


Creates a local sandbox from a CVS repository.

  1. Create a folder for the sandbox in Windows Explorer.

  2. Right-click on the folder.

  3. Select CVS Checkout... from the context-menu.

  4. The Checkout Dialog will appear. From here you can either enter the repository's CVSROOT into the CVSROOT field, or construct a CVSROOT using the Protocol, Server, Port, Repository name, and User name fields.

  5. If you know the module name you can enter it in the Module field. Conversely, you can checkout an entire repository by entering a period (.) into the Module field. If you do not know the module name you can click on Fetch list to populate the drop-down with available modules. Note: Some CVS servers do not support this feature; if you cannot populate this list you should contact the CVS server administrator.

    If you are checking out a single file you can also specify a bug number that this work relates to.

  6. Click OK to being checking out the sandbox.

  7. Depending on the protocol and if this is the first time checking out from this CVS repository, you will be prompted to enter a password. Enter the password in the dialog and click OK.

  8. The Progress Dialog will appear, which provides a detail status of what files are being checked out by TortoiseCVS. By default this dialog will close after the operation is complete, unless it encounters a problem.