Preferences Dialog

The preference dialog is divided into tabs. Each tab contains a group of related preferences.

Figure 6.12. Preferences Dialog - Main Tab

Preferences Dialog - Main Tab

The Main tab offers access to the most basic settings.

Figure 6.13. Preferences Dialog - Iconset Chooser

Preferences Dialog - Iconset Chooser

The Rebuild... button rebuilds Windows™ Explorer's icon cache. This can sometimes be necessary if the overlay icons are not showing correctly.

The Policy tab...

Figure 6.14. Preferences Dialog - Policy Tab

Preferences Dialog - Policy Tab

Figure 6.15. Preferences Dialog - Edit Tab

Preferences Dialog - Edit Tab

Figure 6.16. Preferences Dialog - Tools Tab

Preferences Dialog - Tools Tab

Figure 6.17. Preferences Dialog - Advanced Tab

Preferences Dialog - Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains settings that the typical user does not need to change.

Figure 6.18. Preferences Dialog - Appearance Tab

Preferences Dialog - Appearance Tab

Figure 6.19. Preferences Dialog - Cache Tab

Preferences Dialog - Cache Tab

Figure 6.20. Preferences Dialog - Ignored Files Tab

Preferences Dialog - .cvsignore Tab