Checking out a Module

To obtain a module from the CVS server for the first time is known as a checkout. Checking a module out from the repository creates a local sandbox of the module.

Figure 2.1. Checkout Dialog

Checkout Dialog

To perform a checkout, Right-click on the folder where you would like the module placed, and pick CVS Checkout... from the pop-up menu. The Checkout Dialog will appear with the following fields:

You will need to know this information in advance. Most projects should have some documentation (often online) on how to connect and checkout their modules. Additionally, your software lead, or project manager should be able to provide this information to you.

An exception to this is the module name - depending on how your CVS server is setup, you might find the module name in the dropdown after clicking Fetch list... (for details, see How 'Fetch list...' finds the list of modules).

Note: It is much easier to choose your project checkout settings now than it is to move your project to a different server or protocol later. For example, if your server offers two different CVS protocols, make sure you pick the one that best suits your needs.

A folder named after the module will be created within the folder you checkout to, so you can keep all your checked out modules in the same folder, even if they are for different projects.

For more information see Obtaining a Working Copy: CVS Checkout....